Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Long overdue

Yes, this post is WAY overdue... I've been a little pre-occupied with my other blog. I am hoping to post more fun crafty stuff on this blog, so we will start with a last minute project I did this afternoon while waiting for pizza dough to rise lol!

Wine Cork Letter in a Frame

I have had a bunch of wine corks just hanging out under my sink. They once were decoration in glass holders, but I got sick of them. I decided it might be fun to make the letter "P" out of them and frame it. I've seen tons of things made out of letters, and since I had everything at home to do this, I went for it. (forgive the photos, I'm far from a photog and I have a crappy point and shoot!)

What you'll need: Corks, hot glue gun (or strong glue), frame, and paper to create background for the letter.

First I arranged my corks to form the letter "P"
Then, I started gluing them together... this was a little stressful at first... I was so afraid it wasn't going to turn out how I had planned!
All glued!!!

Then I placed a few globs of hot glue on the underside of the letter and pressed it gently to the glass of my frame.

I cut out a red piece of paper to fit my frame and voila! I have a framed letter! Kinda 3d and stuff too!
I placed it onto my long window mantle (where most frames and decor ends up!). I couldn't get a good photo of it on display, but I will try to take a better picture tomorrow.