Sunday, December 12, 2010

well, good for her!

I happened to be on Papaya's website when I saw this... and thought, "well, good for her!" She was on America's Next Top Model Cycle 14. Her name is Jessica Serfaty, and I liked her a lot. She's a young wife and mother and I was hoping she'd go places... maybe Papaya isn't the most prestigious of clothing stores, but hey... it's better than nothing!

Monday, December 6, 2010

the tree is DONE!

I'm so glad that it's finally done! I always put the lights and ornaments on myself each year. For some reason, my brain wasn't working and I didn't put them on right... the plugs were facing the wrong way and there wasn't a way to plug the lights in. So, I undid them all and redid them... man I was dizzy from going round and round the tree! Owen put a few ornaments on... in the same spot! I rearranged his and got it all done... thank goodness the house is ready for Christmas! Even the outside thanks to Derek!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh, Christmas tree!

Yesterday we went on a mission to find the perfect Patsey Family Christmas tree! We decided to go to a different tree farm this year, since the one we used to go to disappointed us with the quality. So, we went to Three Wise Men tree farm... the best trees I've ever seen!!! On top of finding so many we liked, once we got the one, they put a netting around it, carried it to our car and tied it down for us! Talk about customer service! I'm excited to put it in the living room and decorate it today :]

Owen loved this little tree...
he's just too cute!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas at the Patsey's!

This year I've been in a particularly crafy mood. I went kinda craft crazy I think! It all started with a little project my friend Stepheni had me over to do, and then it was all over from there!

She had us cutting and gluing and in the end we had a super cute advent calendar! Each day, Owen will lift the appropriate cone and get a treat!

Then, after that was done... I kept looking for more! I did the Christmas countdown on the left of this photo and the glitter trees on the right!

as if that wasn't enough I turned this...

into this!

I got the print off an awesome blog, and the frame from Goodwill for $5! I just gave it a few coats of spray paint and voila!!!

I had a ton of fun doing these and I'm hoping that I will continue to keep my crafy side going... with the blogs I've come across, I'm sure there will be no shortage of great ideas!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow in November?!

On Sunday the 21st we started to see some snow falling. Little did we know that in the next 48 hours we'd be in the middle of "Arctic Blast 2010". My sister and brother in law had taken Owen for the night on the 21st and on the afternoon of the 22nd my mom and I decided to take the 20 minute drive to go get him. We had no snow on our roads here, but noticed that the further up the hill we got, the more snow we came across. We decided to grab Owen and jet back home. So, we hopped on the freeway back home and ended up stuck past the last exit we could take for an hour. I had to pee the whole time!!! We saw people sliding who were at a complete stop, and were just afraid we'd be stuck in this blizzard that was coming. Finally, we ended up slowly going down the hill, praying out loud the WHOLE time! Thank God, he got us home... and Owen and Derek played and played in it... me, I walked to the store to get Thanksgiving fixin's with Owen's wagon... then back inside! I do not like the snow!! I really wish I would've taken a video of Owen laughing!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Owen's Birthday Party

The day of Owen's 4th birthday, we had a party planned for him at SuperJump Party Zone in Sumner. Probably the best place to have a kids party... and I didn't have to clean up or worry about a ton of people in my place! So nice! loving his new bike!