Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I saw this on a blog... I thought it was probably a good thing to do. As much as I've gone through and so many of my loved ones have gone through, it's easy to lose sight of the blessings in life. So, I'm going to try to do this once a week (keep in mind that I'll be trying, I'm not so great at blogging these days!) So here goes!

1. Derek: I'm so thankful for him! He works so hard and is always in such a great mood. He knows just when to do something for me like doing the dishes, or bringing home a treat for me. He also is so amazing with Owen. They have such a bond, always going fishing and wanting to go camping... He was my rock through our miscarriage and now that I know 22 girls who are pregnant, he's just so understanding... I love him!

2. Owen: I'm not quite sure what I'd be doing if I hadn't gotten pregnant with him. He can make my day with one little comment... his new cute phrase is "Mommy, I made something special for you!" I love it!!!

3. The YMCA: It gets me in the mood to get in shape, when I go that is... I'm thankful it's there though!

4. Naps: Not only do I love Owen's nap time when I can do things like blog, watch dvr'd shows and eat my favorite things without little hands in it, but I do love to take naps too! We all took a nap on Monday... for 2 1/2 hours! Ahhh... Pure BLISS!

5. Cleaning supplies: What would I do without them?! I'm often picked on or criticized because I clean too much. But, I'd rather have a clean house. There is so much to choose from... sprays, wipes, sponges, brushes... and they always make things look better haha! (feel free to call me crazy... i know I am!)

What are you thankful for??

Friday, September 11, 2009

hiking with my honey

Derek and I decided to go hiking a few Sundays back. We have talked about going for what seems like forever and just haven't done it. So, I looked up a somewhat easy hike... nothing too crazy, but something to give us a challenge. Our plan was to go to Noble Knob and hike the 7 miles round trip. When we finally got there, we realized we didn't have a pass for our car to go up to Noble Knob... so we hopped out at the last place we could go and started walking. We figured we would just venture on a hike no matter what! Well, we got to walking and found a sign that said "Noble Knob 4 mi" so we went that direction... BAD MOVE! It was an uphill climb the entire way! We huffed and puffed our way through trees... I was kinda irritated with the site that I had found this trail on said that there was the sites of a steep hike, with out the steep hike. All I saw was trees above and below me! We decided to turn around after a couple hours of this crazy hike, when we ran into a couple guys on bikes... ya, I know what you're thinking "Who goes on this crazy trail on a bike?!", well they did! We asked them how much further to the top and they said "Well, probably another 2 miles... this is the 'short cut' to Noble Knob". Supposedly, it's shorter than the other hike in the long run, but WAY harder. Nice.... Well, we pretty much ran down the hill and slept like babies when we got home. We both are bound and determined to conquer this "short cut" now haha!

At the beginning... nice and calm, and FLAT

Only partially there... we were still happy looking haha!

Just a view of the trail... kinda steep!

Where we stopped for lunch

Poor Derek was soaking wet from sweating so badly... click on the photo to see it bigger!

Sunday, September 6, 2009