Saturday, February 28, 2009

All grown up!

Yup, he's shaving!!! Ha ha, of course the cap is on the razor, but he had to shave just like daddy!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tagged by my sister...

Ok, here goes it's all about the CRAZY 8's!

~8 favorite tv shows~
Sex and the City
Biggest Loser
Real World
Rock of Love (1,2 & 3)
Celebrity Rehab (also Sober House)

~8 things I did yesterday~
walked to the post office and library
washed clothes
folded clothes
cleaned my bathroom
cleaned out Owen's closet and drawers
put bigger sizes in his closet and drawers
watched tv
played with Owen

~8 things I look forward to~
Hopefully having another baby this year
my bagel and rockstar later today
a vacation!
Owen potty training
getting our tax return
getting a new car
Derek getting a new job (hopefully!)
Date night tonight!

~8 favorite restaurants~
The Rock
Los Pinos
The Olive Garden
Red Robin
Herfy's (not much of a restaurant, but it's so good!)

~8 things on my wishlist~
a great job for Derek
Owen to grow up to be a Godly man
Mom to not have to work
more nieces and nephews
family peace
no money troubles
to not gain more than 30 pounds next pregnancy haha!
a laundry service

~People I tag~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Funniest hat!

This hat is the funnest and funniest hat ever! It was given to us by my friend Stephanie whose son is 2 years older than Owen. We get a lot of awesome hand-me-downs and this is hands down one of my favorites. Owen loves it too, which surprises me because he's not been into hats for a long time. Yay for this hat!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm addicted!

Seriously... We were at our friend's Tracy and Brad's house last night for Brad's 30th birthday party and he got this the night before. I was hesitant to play because I'd only played Guitar Hero. I usually play alone or with Derek, so the embarrassment stays to a minimum. I watched people play and Derek stepped up on the drums and didn't do so good... which surprises me because he's good at EVERYTHING! I decided to take my chances on the guitar. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at the guitar. I rocked it! I was having so much fun playing and playing, then someone said "hey Michelle play drums!" there was no way I was gonna play the drums and fail and have everyone blame me for being boo-ed of the stage! Somehow I got on the drums and was so stressed out, why? I'm not really's just a video game! Anyways, I started playing and rocked on that song too! And then the rest of the night I was drummin' and strummin'away haha! Derek and I decided we need to purchase this game with our tax return cause it's too much fun! Then we both can try singing cause there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to sing in front of people I didn't know... Anyways, we had fun and now I just want to go buy it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The way to my heart...

Derek came home from work on Friday night and brought home pizza for dinner. I was really excited cause it's been a while since we've had pizza! We got the oven started and he decided to take a quick shower before dinner. I started taking the pizza's out of their wrap when I realized the pepperoni pizza looked a bit odd... it was shaped like a heart!!! haha! I ran upstairs and asked him if he realized the pizza was a heart and he said "Duh... that's why I got it. Happy Valentine's day!" I was pretty surprised really cause we don't usually celebrate Valentine's day and even though it was the day before it was great! He sure knows the way to my heart... pizza!!!

On Valentine's day we had our friends over for a "non-valentine's" game night. We didn't end up playing any games, but we had great taco's and my yummy chocolate white chocolate chip cookies! I hope everyone had a great time this weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How cute is he?!

That's all... just love his smile!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I am posting my 100th post!!!! I got this idea from my friend Keren's blog. I am going to post yet another 100 things about ME! I am also going to try and not repeat any from the previous 100 post... here goes!!!

1. i drink at least 90 ounces of water per day
2. i really love to work out, but working for Weight Watchers has made it harder to get to the gym grrr...
3. i'm currently growing my hair out
4. hopefully we'll have a new baby in our family by the end of 2009 if not then, the beginning of 2010 would be fine too
5. i know how to knit and would love to take it up again soon (hint hint MOM!)
6. my favorite time of day is when derek and I get into bed and talk... we laugh the hardest during this time!
7. i've only gotten flowers from derek 3 times
8. i was born with a broken collar bone and if often pops in the morning (it's weird!)
9. i can pop my right hip out of socket... i love freaking people out with it!
10. i want to keep my girl name a secret because i'm afraid someone will steal it... it's an original name that i've never heard before
11. i recently had a miscarriage (something I feared greatly and mentioned in my other 1oo post)
12. i didn't even know i was pregnant until i was having the actual miscarriage
13. i feel blessed to have met my mom and baby friends... they're wonderful!
14. photos are the best way of telling a story or bringing back a great memory to me
15. i love my daily dose of 94% fat free pop corn
16. one day i will go on a tropical vacation with derek
17. i love having company... so if you're in the neighborhood, stop by!
18. i can't wait for my sister to get married... it'll be the first wedding i've been in since i was 4!
19. i am often misunderstood...
20. at first meeting me, many if my friends thought i was a "bitch"
21. chocolate isn't my favorite sweet, i've been told i'm not a true woman for this!
22. i used to hate facebook, but now i kinda like it
23. my two younger cousins, Ashley and Alyssa were more like sisters growing up and still are
24. one time when derek and i were going to dinner at applebee's he saw a friend and walked towards him... it was my cousin... he knows everyone!
25. i met derek before i remember meeting him. i was with my ex, and he was with his friend... he says we met and i really have a hard time remembering that!
26. my friend stepheni takes amazing photos and i can't wait til i can do a maternity shoot with her!
27. i find myself trying to be almost "too fair" when i think of having 2 kids... don't want to leave one out!
28. i love to wear dresses in the summer... so comfy with flip flops!
29. my family resembles the family from my big fat greek wedding...
30. i have 18 first cousins (2 whom i've never met)
31. i love to shop and sell on craigslist
32. i don't understand guys who aren't handy
33. my worst fear is derek dying...
34. i work with some of the funnest ladies at weight watchers... they're a crack up!
35. i love to see people lose weight... so inspiring!
36. when i was little i never played "the princess" i always was the maid (guess i liked cleaning even then!)
37. i also loved to play waitress and take everyone's orders and then make it... what a weird kid i was!
38. my best friend amy and my friend keren both had baby girls this summer, i thought it'd give me the itch to have another baby, but it didn't.... when my friend renee had her son, i melted and wanted another one so bad!
39. i miss my nephew vadin... i haven't seen him in 2 1/2 years!
40. i also miss my niece kassandra very much, she passed away 4 years ago this month...
41. i've been toying with the idea of using her name as a middle name if i have a girl... i would only if it wouldn't upset my sister, but made her happy
42. i also miss my sister and brother in law... need to take a trip to san diego SOON!
43. i often wonder what my dad would've thought about derek and owen... would he have liked them and loved them the way i do?
44. derek and i have been dealt a pretty tough hand since we got married... we somehow always get through it... by the grace of God!
45. i think i have the funniest pastor
46. i wish i followed through more on project ideas i have
47. i love cake... the more frosting the better!
48. derek and i now think that nights starting at 10 are too late... i remember when i thought that was an early night!
49. i am so glad we no longer live in our old apartment... for so many reasons
50. i loved being a barista, but really disliked the place i worked for
51. i can't stand bikini barista stands... it's hard to find one where the girls are fully clothed.
52. i get down on myself for gaining a little bit of weight... even if no one can tell, i can!
53. i hate that i have to obsess over my weight to keep in under control.
54. if i had a dollar for every time owen said "mommy" i'd be rich!
55. my ipod has a bunch of upbeat songs on it... i can't workout to slow stuff even if i like it
56. i am not a morning person at all... i wish owen would sleep in til at least 9... he wakes up at 7
57. my mom used to have to sign me into each grade until i was 9 when i got glasses and i got straight a's.
58. i'm still not quite sure how i'll handle 2 kids...
59. i'm realizing this isn't very easy to put down things about me... not this many at least
60. i'd rather work out by myself than with someone so that i can go at my own pace and do the things i'd like to do.
61. when i go to the gym i have to make sure my whole outfit matches... it's an ocd thing of mine...
62. i admire women who can decorate their homes with such ease...
63. i want to get closer to the Lord this year and more and more each year.
64. i really want derek to get a job that he loves and gets the respect he deserves
65. i went through a rebellious phase out of high school... during high school i was a good kid.
66. i love looking at old photos
67. i am so thankful for weight watchers... i've been taught so much and i've been able to work for them which has been fun!
68. i love getting new recipes to try out
69. derek likes to tease me and say that the food that i've made isn't good...
70. i like hosting parties and get togethers
71. i wish i could see the good in people as well as derek does...
72. i love my friends kids just about as much as i love my friends... they're a part of my friends so how can i not love them?
73. i love to shop, but hate spending too much on something...
74. potty training is by far one of the hardest things i've ever tried to do
75. i'm amazed that god gave me owen... he's the cutest boy ever!
76. i miss going to concerts like i used to... i went to every tim mcgraw, kenny chesney, brooks n dunn and rascal flatts show there was... camping out at the gorge was a blast and i miss being able to just spend that kind of money on a few hours.
77. i have always wondered why people look down on single women at a certain age and a single man at the same age are just normal... when did the double standard become ok? (Sex and the City comes to mind with this one!)
78. roseanne is one of my favorite shows
79. you'll never cry alone in a room with me... i'm a terrible sympathetic crier
80. i also cry when talking about serious issues a lot... actually i cry a lot
81. when i think about having another baby i look at owen and think "his life is going to change forever..."
82. i sometimes miss working full time, but don't at the same time... does that make sense?
83. in my large family, it's pretty much a given that someone's not going to be happy with another person in the family at one time or another.
84. i remember looking at a photo of my mom when she was little and asking her why my picture was in black and white haha!
85. i collected rocks when i was little (gosh i really was weird!)
86. i used to want to play with my sister and all of her friends but i was just the annoying little sister :(
87. danielle used to always borrow money from me when she was 16 and i was 14 so i'd always make her pay me back with interest haha! if she borrowed 10 she paid 15 back!
88. i worked in the car business for 7 years... i know a ton about cars, financing and all that stuff...
89. i used to scrapbook a lot... i made a book for my friend jessica and had it laminated for her 18th birthday... she loved it!
90. i also made one for my friend sarah... it wasn't as good, but it was my first!
91. i've never lived outside of pierce county. i've lived in puyallup, milton, bonney lake and orting
92. we need a wal mart in orting... and a target
93. i don't understand how people can spend a ton on kids clothes when they grow out of them SO fast!
94. i want a nissan armada when we have another baby... i hope we can afford one, it's the only car that i like that will fit my 6'5" husband, me and 2 kids, our ford escape barely fits the 3 of us.
95. if i lived by myself i'd love to live where my sister lives... it's the cutest apartment i've seen!
96. i used to work at the department of licensing and often was told i didn't know what i was talking about because i was just a kid haha
97. i watch nick at nite every night when i go to bed... derek hates that the tv is on all night, but i can't sleep without it.
98. i think it'd be awesome to move to a different state and build a life without anyone we know...
99. i love warm weather... and hate rain
100. i hope that i'm doing a good job at being a wife and mother.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So exciting!!!!

I've been trying to entertain the idea of potty training for a while now and Owen really hasn't had much interest. A couple months ago he was going poop on the potty and it was fun and he thought he was so big and then he stopped... never to want to go on the potty again! In a last ditch effort I bought a training potty. I never wanted to buy one because I didn't want to have to clean the potty (yuck!) But when trying on the big potty and putting him in big boy undies to see if wetting himself was uncomfortable didn't work... I gave in! I got this frog potty at Burlington Coat Factory. Owen loved it at first, but didn't want to go potty on it... so it sat in our bathroom collecting dust! Well, today I was watching John and Kate Plus 8 when I had a great idea! Do like they did and just sit him on his potty with a sippy... I sat in the bathroom with him and read a ton of books to him. After he didn't go, I went and got myself a sucker (which he LOVES!) and proceeded to eat it. He freaked out and wanted one, but I kept telling him he had to go pee-pee on the potty and then he could have one too. He got a bit upset and peed a bit on the hallway floor, then came in the bathroom where I sat him back down and he ended up peeing more on the potty!!!! I was so excited! He was a bit scared at first, but when he saw how excited I was he got a huge smile on his face and said "I did it!!!" So, we grabbed him a sucker and made a huge deal about it, danced and cheered for a while. Here's a few photos... I hope the potty isn't too graphic, but I had to! haha!

Owen's first pee-pee in his potty!!!
Such a proud boy with his sucker.
Chowin' down!

Now, I'm just hoping that if I stick to bribing that he'll eventually be potty trained! (Fingers crossed!!!)