Friday, April 3, 2009

Should he be doing this?!?!

The other night we were playing a letters game with Owen when Derek turned on our favorite song. Owen stopped playing the game immediately and got so excited. He got out his drum and started to drum along with the song. He also started singing along... which would be ok if the song wasn't "Gives You Hell". My mom warned me that he'd start saying bad words if we said them, but I just didn't think he'd sing them! I grabbed out the camera and got a video of him drumming and singing to his "jump song" as he calls it. Listen closely about a minute in...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

cars, cars everywhere are CARS!

Like most boys, Owen has an obsession with cars. He absolutely loves them! He drives them, sends them flying across the room, crashes them, makes noises with them and his latest thing is parking them all in a perfect line. He's crazy about it! And if his line gets messed up he has to start all over with a new line. I decided to take a few photos of him and his "line-o-cars".

We got this firetruck at Walgreens of all places... it's a Hot Wheels and it was only $1.50! Ok, so I don't know how much Hot Wheels go for really, I've never bought one! But I thought it was a steal haha! He loves firetrucks and this was the only one he had, until he left it at our friends house. Hopefully soon we can stop by and pick it up...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oh the treasures you will find

Derek used to own a street bike. I was never fond of this bike and was SO happy to see it go! He still has his helmet though and for some reason it's been in our spare room. Owen loves to go scavenging through that room and he ended up finding the helmet! He came downstairs with it on and was having too much fun!