Monday, March 2, 2009


On Sunday we decided to have a family fun day. We had zero plans and a whole day ahead of us. We had thought of taking Owen to a bounce house place, but none were open. Then we thought about ice skating or roller skating, but both were smack in the middle of Owen's nap. So, we decided to go bowling. I was kinda worried that Owen wouldn't get the concept of the game and taking turns, but he had so much fun! He waited for his turn like a big boy and was so excited to bowl. I got him a little 6 pound ball that was bright orange and he sure knew which one was his! Check out these shoes!!!!

They were so cute on him!

Derek helping Owen with his ball

Derek helping Owen bowl...

Owen with his arms up, excited to have rolled the ball!

He was so cute while waiting for his ball to come out (most of the time it was still slowly going down the lane!)

After our games were done we headed to the arcade in the bowling alley and Owen HAD to go on this ride!

We decided to make Sunday's our family fun day and do something like this each week. We enjoyed ourselves so much! We all came home and took naps (which is unlike Derek or I to do!)
Hopefully we'll have lots of Sunday adventures to post soon!

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