Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh summer!

WARNING!! This post has tons of pictures! :) I haven't been all that great at picking up the camera and snapping photos lately and I finally made myself do it. So, far we've had a great summer... lots of sun and two friends who have property on lakes! That makes for some awesome days! Here are all the photos from our summer so far...

At Clear Lake for Scott's birthday... lots and lots of kids were there! (Scott's an adult, so it wasn't even an child's party lol!)

These goggles were a crack up, he wouldn't let me take a picture... but I HAD to!

We went to Lake Tapps, where a cousin of mine over-sees the PSE park, and we had a family get together on the lake. We had a lot of fun and Owen passed out on the way home eating his doritos!

Derek and Owen camped out in our backyard one night. At first, Owen was going to sleep in his little tent and Derek was going to sleep in his one-man tent. I was a bit leery about this cause I wanted them to be in the same tent. Thankfully the neighbors had a big tent for them to sleep in!

Owen got to see his first movie in a theater! The South Hill mall does free movies every Tuesday and Wednesday for kids and we took full advantage of this and watched Horton Hears a Who. He was done about halfway through, and I somehow managed to keep in interested til the end.

This passed weekend we went to Lake Tanwax. Our friend Dannielle has property on the lake and she invited us to hang out and enjoy the beautiful day. That we did! Our other friends Lindsey and Travis were there so it made it even more fun! Although, poor Lindsey cut her foot on a rock and then got a ticket on the sea-doo for no numbers on it... poor girl! I sure hope it all works itself out!

It's been too long since we've had a photo like this!

Derek and Owen on the sea-doo... he had so much fun!!!

Owen and Macee playing in the water... they haven't used these floaties in a long time!

Owen was telling me he'd be right back... he was gonna ride the sea-doo with Daddy again.

I'm hoping to blog more often now that Summer is in full swing... mostly because there is so much to do! Owen is fully potty trained now and I'm loving every minute of it... except when he has to go potty 4 times in 2 hours and it's a walk to the bathroom lol! But, it's better than spending money on diapers!
Also, I'm doing pretty well now after the miscarriage. Life goes on and I had to pick up the pieces and keep looking forward. A lot of friends are finding out they're pregnant and I've been getting so many mixed feelings. I'm envious in so many ways, but I'm so happy for them because of the new life they're bringing into the world. These women are truly blessed and I pray for healthy pregnancies for each and every one of them!

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Brittany said...

Oh my gosh! Owen looks so much like you... I can kind of see Danielle in his eyes too! I love the family picture at the top. Too cute.