Tuesday, April 26, 2011

so long, no post

Sorry... it's been 3 weeks since I last blogged. This pregnancy is kicking my butt! I'm constantly exhausted and nauseous. I spend most of my time on the couch... this is the most I've relaxed in 5 years! I am glad that I'm so symptomatic though, this just means things are going well and I praise God for that :] Derek cleaned the house for me on Sunday, which was a HUGE surprise... and so great to just have it done. He and Owen are being such troopers. Since Owen wakes up about 6:30 every morning, I've been eating breakfast with him, then taking a nap. I set the oven timer for 2 hours, get him snacks, a drink and some nick jr. on the tv and he lets me sleep until the timer goes off. Such a blessing! I know I was sad to think my kids will be 5 years apart, but I can't imagine being this sick and tired with a little one... God sure knew what he was doing ;]

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Josh and Danielle said...

OVEN timer! didn't even think of that! we showed him where to read 7 3 0 on the clock and that's when we could all get up on monday! haha!