Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's been a while...

I am not as good of a "blogger" as my good friend Keren, but I'm trying! haha! I have been super busy these days and it has shown in this blog. The last 2 weeks has been full of moving my mom out of her old house and into the new. Also, I cleaned her house for the new owner (that sure was tiring!!!). During that time I started my new job at John L Scott. It's awfully boring, but at least it's a job and hopefully has the potential to pick up. Also, I had an interview with Weight Watchers and that is pretty promising!

It has already been a month of babies!!! My cousin Jenny had a little boy on the 1st, Matthew James Hoskinson, Derek's cousin Bekah had a baby girl on the 2nd (my sister's birthday!) Ava Evangalyn Spencer and my best friend Amy had a baby girl on the 3rd, Kathryn "Kate" Isabella Fuller! They're all so flippin' cute and sweet! Being Cancer babies I have a feeling they'll be great kids too ;] I got to see both Matthew and Kate at the hospital, but yet have been able to visit Ava since she lives in Vancouver... hopefully sooner than Christmas! Next, Keren needs to pop out little Norah ;]

Derek is going to be starting working nights next week and that'll be really weird for me... I am used to having him gone all day and home at night and I'm hoping I can sleep well and he can sleep well during the day. I'm going to have to keep Owen out of the house so that he gets some good sleep.

Also, we have a couple birthday parties to attend this weekend and one is an 80's style birthday party... check back for pictures of that one! All I can say is that Derek is planning on wearing a mesh shirt... it should be hysterical!!!!

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