Thursday, June 26, 2008

My never ending battle with Coffee Bar

As some of you may know, I worked for Coffee Bar for about 8 months. I quit in January because I was sick of having paychecks not clear and dealing with a poorly ran shop due to the owner. My last paycheck bounced and caused $855 in NSF fees in my checking account. My bank, thankfully, reversed $210 in charges because we were so far in the negative. It took 2 weeks of Derek's pay to get us out of the negative. He still has yet to pay me for the NSF charges his check caused. I received an e-mail from him yesterday stating that he had a check for me. I arranged to pick it up this afternoon and I was really happy that he finally had some integrity and was giving me my money. I picked up the check from the manager Sara (by the way she's a great girl and this is no slam on her) and didn't open it in front of her. I went out to my car and opened the envelope to find a $182 check. I'm not exactly sure where he got this figure, but I decided to verify funds and he didn't have enough money in his Coffee Bar checking account to cover the small check. I immediately went back to the shop and gave the check back to Sara and told her there is no reason for me to accept this when it's not enough and he doesn't have the money to cover it anyways. I wrote Shaun, the owner, an e-mail as soon as I got home and I'm taking a different route to try and get my money back. It's been 5 months and I'm so sick of dealing with him. Anyways, that was my wonderful afternoon! I'm hoping and praying that I will get my money in a timely manner.


Keren said...

OMGoodness...what a jerk..I cant believe you're still having to deal with this! I know what you should do...give Judge Judy a call!! She'll rip him a new one :)

PS I agree with the long hair...I miss mine now too :( lol

stephijoe said...

How did I know that Keren was going to suggest Judge Judy? I should have put money on that! ;)

I am sad that a place that has been labeled "a Christian Business" sucks so badly! You would think that even in the worse case scenario he would want to give you the money just to get you out of his hair and to move on... Just my opinion, but maybe I have a bigger conscience than some.