Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yep, it's a month after Christmas and I am JUST now blogging these photos... I'm bad I know! This is why I don't do new years resolutions... just doesn't work with me! Anyways, here are just a couple photos from Christmas. We had a rough week, with me having yet another miscarriage and our cars transmission going out... the last thing I was thinking about was picking up the camera. I was just trying to soak up and enjoy Owen being 3 and having so much fun opening his presents.

Our family gets together about a week prior to Christmas and has a potluck style gathering. Usually one of the guys dresses up as Santa. Derek had agreed to do it, then we all hesitated because we didn't want Owen to figure it out... so we had someone else do it. Owen would go no where near him... just grabbed his gift and went!

This was Christmas eve, my sister and brother in law came over after church along with our friends Shawn and Stephanie, their 2 kids and my Uncle Bill and Aunt Lana. We all had some yummy Lasagna and Derek got the Christmas prime rib prepared for the next evening.

Owen got this "Shake n Go" track that was a total hit! Until it stopped working...
we need to take it back still ugh!

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