Friday, January 1, 2010

a year in review

Well, thank God for a new year!!! I'm hoping and praying that 2010 brings bigger and better things than 2009! Here's a few things that happened in 2009... good and bad. Enjoy!

~Derek and I spent my 27Th birthday in Las Vegas, our first vacation just the two of us!
~in July, Owen decided to start using the potty all the time! I told him he was too big for diapers and that was that! No diapers at all... undies 24 hours a day!
~I started watching my friends 2 kids as a source of extra income, 3 days a week and those kids are just a blessing! I love them and so does Owen. I've had 2 weeks without them (mom is a teacher so she had Christmas break!) and every morning Owen asks me when he wakes up "are Laney and Boston coming over?!"
~my mom moved into the other side of the townhouses... such a blessing! We get to see her every day and help out when she needs us. Plus, Owen just adores her and is always wondering where she is if she's not at our house. The other positive to her moving is that it costs her less per month... NICE!
~My sister married her best friend Josh (also Derek's best friend!) they had a beautiful wedding at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis... my whole little family was in the wedding. A crazy day, but so much fun!
~I met and got to know a few ladies better this year... they've been such a blessing!
~Derek and I became so much closer this year. He amazes me! He is always helping out around the house and being the best husband ever! I've always loved him, but this year has made our love stronger for each other!

Now for the Bad: :(
~Derek's truck broke down... leaving us with one vehicle for the two of us. Thank God I didn't have to drive to work!
~I had 3 miscarriages... probably the biggest downer of all 2009. We wanted to have a baby so badly and it just didn't happen. All in God's timing.
~on Christmas eve, my car decided to lose it's transmission. Nice! We had just gotten a little in savings and then this happened. Thank God for that! He does provide and it is getting fixed now!

In 2010 I don't want to make any resolutions... they always get broken and then you're left feeling bad about yourself. So, I'm going to just list a few things that I hope to do this year... if I don't no biggie!

~be a better blogger! (i hope to get Owen's birthday blogged (from November!)
~not be a huge procrastinator anymore... do it when it needs to be done.
~focus on me and my health. With getting pregnant 3 times in the last 12 months my body and mind had been through the ringer. I'm going to really watch what I eat and workout more.
~enjoy my little family being little ;]

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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