Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas at the Patsey's!

This year I've been in a particularly crafy mood. I went kinda craft crazy I think! It all started with a little project my friend Stepheni had me over to do, and then it was all over from there!

She had us cutting and gluing and in the end we had a super cute advent calendar! Each day, Owen will lift the appropriate cone and get a treat!

Then, after that was done... I kept looking for more! I did the Christmas countdown on the left of this photo and the glitter trees on the right!

as if that wasn't enough I turned this...

into this!

I got the print off an awesome blog, and the frame from Goodwill for $5! I just gave it a few coats of spray paint and voila!!!

I had a ton of fun doing these and I'm hoping that I will continue to keep my crafy side going... with the blogs I've come across, I'm sure there will be no shortage of great ideas!

1 comment:

Stepheni said...

I am so impressed! I like how your numbers on the tree are not in order! Make him really "hunt" for his treat! I might have to really throw B for a loop and mix all of his up for tomorrows goody!