Thursday, June 5, 2008

Peaceful walks... with a little rain :)

Owen and I went on a walk in Sumner today. I had to go make a deposit at our bank and since gas is so expensive (I paid 4.21 today!!!) we decided to not drive up to the YMCA and just get some walking in. Man I loved it! I love that little city... all of the old houses, the parks, the people, and the historic feel it has. I walked and walked and walked... Owen pointed out each and every car (which he calls a "truck"), every bird, puppy, kitty, and tree. He seemed to enjoy the fishy crackers and apple I brought for him. For about 45 minutes we were walking when it started to rain. Just a little sprinkle here and there... no biggie, right?! WRONG!!! It started to poor down right before we got to the car! Thankfully we didn't get too wet, but we sure did enjoy the walk. This will be something we will do more often... if anyone wants to join let me know!

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