Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday night fireworks

Every Friday night the Hilton puts on a fireworks show. Owen was excited to see it this time... the first time he ran and screamed and we had to high tail it back to our room. He did very well this time and just sat with Daddy and watched with his hands over his ears.

afterwards, we hung out with Derek's co-worker and his friend from Texas and Owen searched for lizards!

We also promised him an ice cream, so off to McDonald's we went!


Josh and Danielle said...

he's going to be a totally different kid by the time we get there! weird! i'm glad he's adjusting so well!

You Paid More Than Me said...

Hey...what's your email? This is incredibly ironic that you commented on my blog, I'll tell you why.
Can you email me? Thanks so much for your sweet comment. So sorry we have this in common :( - steph