Thursday, July 8, 2010

a lil more Hawaii

I tried taking a few photos of Owen while he played in the Hilton Lagoon, but really I got a lot of the top and back of his head... oh and one kinda front view lol! We are moving to a new place on the 16th with a harbor view! It is 2 buildings away from the Hotel we're living in now, but this place has a full kitchen, bathroom (with tub!) lots of closets and dressers (all of our clothes are in suitcases here) and get this... a bedroom!!!! It only has one, but this whole open bedroom/studio thing we're in is super hard with Derek working nights. Bless his heart, he sleeps while Owen and I are in there most of the time... I'm so afraid we're bothering him, but he assures me we're not. Anyways, this place is cheaper, which I think his work will like. The downside is that there isn't a pool or a gym. But with the beach right in front of us and a 24 hour fitness down the road, I am sure we will be fine!

Here's my attempt to have him look at me!

This kid would stay here all day long if we let him!

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Josh and Danielle said...

leah and i were talking today about how great it is that he's LOVING the water! he's becoming a little fishy!