Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our first day in Hawaii!

Owen and I hopped on a plane Wednesday June 30th to meet Derek in Hawaii... err I wish we had just hopped on a plane and it was that easy! We got a call while waiting for my brother-in-law Josh to pick us up for the airport that our flight was delayed 2 hours, which meant we wouldn't be landing in Hawaii until about 2am Washington time... ugh! So, we tried to make the best of it and had dinner with my sister Danielle, Josh and mom. When we got to the airport, Josh helped us get all of our luggage out and to the ticket counter... Come to find out that Delta's website is wrong and they charge you $25 for your first bag and $35 for any after that. I wasn't expecting to pay other than maybe an overweight fee for my HUGE bag. Come to find out my HUGE bag weighed 88 pounds and I was going to be charged $175 to check it! Insane!!!! I started bawling... just so frustrated with all of it at this point... Josh helped me configure our things and consolidate the huge bag down to about 10 pounds by distributing the 18 pounds amongst the other bags... After paying $140 total for the bags we were on our way to the gate. While on our way, my tote bag that my mother-in-law so diligently made sure I had for the trip, broke! I tried to not panic.... but carrying two tote bags (she made one for Owen too), and my carry-on bag while trying to get a 3 year old through the airport was hard enough with fully in tact tote bags! I just tried to think "it's ok, one bag... no biggie!" then the other one broke... So, while walking through the airport I was carrying these tote bags like paper grocery bags... which aren't easy to carry! We finally got to the gate and I rested... We loaded up and Owen was so excited and kept asking why we weren't moving yet lol! After about an hour or so on the plane, Owen started crying and wanted to go back to Orting. He didn't realize the plane ride was going to be so long... he lasted a while and finally fell asleep about hour 4 or so. Which by then we didn't have much time left on the plane. Thankfully when we arrived, Owen was in good spirits and we headed to baggage claim, where so many people were more than willing to help out a mom with a 3 year old and a TON of luggage lol! Derek got a us an SUV to ride to the hotel in which was so nice... and relaxing! We got into the hotel room, climbed in bed and were out til about 830 the next morning! Derek took us to the beach and here are a few photos from that first outing!

Owen won't look at me in photos, he's just having too much fun on the beach! I have a feeling that all of my photos of him for a while will be of the back of his head! lol!
This next photo is from lunch that day, we went to Wailana Coffee House (which is just like a Shari's or Cattin's) and had spaghetti, grilled cheese and french fries! yum! :]

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Nicole said...

Sorry you had a rotten airport experience! No fun!! Hope you are having a great time in Hawaii!!