Monday, January 24, 2011

words I despise

So there are a few words that I hear and it just irritates me... these are the words:

Hubby:: If you're going to shorten the word husband it should be "hussy" right? Cause the s comes before the b...

Prego:: we're talking about a pregnant woman... not spaghetti sauce, she's creating a human being, she's pregnant (really any way to dumb down the word pregnant bothers me ie. Preggers or Preggie)

Ba-Ba:: please speak to your child like the human that they are... If I hear another grown woman say this word about they're child's bottle I think I will explode.

Thank you for listening to my rant.


Josh and Danielle said...

haha! i was telling ken all about this at work yesterday! not the ba ba part but the "hubby" and "prego" part... who the crap invented those words??? the definitely should be decked....

Stepheni said...

OK... I am guilty of using all three of those words.
Hubby: It just comes out. To say husband seems very formal to me. Like when people call me Stepheni instead of Steph- But I gotta say that "Hubby" is a decent "pet name" compared to all the others.
Preggo: I mainly type that apposed to saying it. Not sure why- I too dislike preggers though ;)
BaBa: I DO NOT like the word. I do not use it when talking to adults- but it just slips when I am talking to Zacky! I usually say it slow and very pronounced in a teaching kind of way.
So I apologize in advance if I make you want to explode!! ;)

Stephanie said...

I agree 100%.
I also hate the word binky. Where the eff did that come from. It's a Pacifier.