Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yesterday I did a little fasting... I fasted the Internet. Since I'm struggling with trying to figure out a way to earn more money and having a hard time getting pregnant, I decided to not use one of the things I waste most of my time on. So, the Internet it was! I had such a good time just really relaxing, and creating! I had seen a few ideas for Valentine's Day banners, but once again... I don't have the money to print out photos or go buy special V-day scrapbook paper. So, I grabbed a few sheets of construction paper, a ribbon and my craft glue and made my cheap version of a V-day banner!

Lots of tracing and cutting, but I love the way it turned out!

Thank goodness for these hooks I already had up for my cousin's sprinkle! And for the pink ribbon I purchased for it too! (I need a better camera though...)

I downloaded another subway print for my Goodwill frame! You can find it here.

I snagged these cute blocks at Target in the $1 section. They can also say "love" "kiss" & "hugs"

I don't have much as far as the V-day decorating goes, but it helps make my house look a little festive!

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Cadence said...

It all looks SO cute Michelle! And don't you love the dollar section at Target!?! I got heart shaped ice cube trays from there; and I have to admit, they've made my life feel much more festive in the midst of less than glorious weather.