Monday, January 19, 2009

A few random photos to update!

Ok, so there is actually a lot of photos on this post, but I really have been a slacker when it comes to this blog lately. Ah, well... I'm trying! So, here's some updated photos.

Owen devouring chocolate cake at my Grandpa's 70th birthday party

When I told him I needed to put something in his backpack, he bent over like this... he thinks I can get into his bag easier I guess!

I came home from grocery shopping the other day to find him like this watching Wow Wow Wubzy... looks cozy!

Derek and Owen made this snowman while I was still asleep... it was the last snow we had and thank God it didn't last long!

Owen was so proud of himself being able to put his tractor on the doorway...
Look at that... he's quite the little Macgyver!

I just think he's too darn cute... he sure loves his burritos! (minus the tortilla for some weird reason!)

Apparently you need safety goggles to eat at our house... haha!

He loves this darn swing! Hopefully I can break him of this habit before we have another baby!
Not a whole lot to say today... just that Derek is finally not working nights and we're finally enjoying some sun around here!! I've been super busy with Weight Watchers and have been working 7 meetings a week, which keeps me on my toes and away from the "blogging world" :( Hopefully it'll all calm down after January! Have a great week all and hopefully I'll post again soon!

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Josh and Danielle said...

KISS HIM!!!!!!! he's so freaking cute!