Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a great new year... we sure did! We had a few friends over for some family fun, food and fireworks! I thought I'd take lots of photos of the night, but it totally slipped my mind while I was busy making food and after a glass of wine or two I really forgot. Anyways, we had a good time. Our next door neighbors had some crazy fireworks that they set off at midnight in our road and it woke up lil Brandon... poor guy! As for Owen... he didn't budge or make a peep! I can tell we're getting just a bit older because everyone had left before 1am haha! Anyways, thank you to all who came and made New Years a blast! As for a resolution... I really don't like them, but sometimes it's good to make a goal and stick to it. I finally don't have a weight resolution (thank God!) and I don't want to get disappointed if I don't "follow through" with my resolution, so I decided to stop drinking energy drinks... easy enough right? Let's hope!!! Happy New Year everyone and have a great 2009!


Josh and Danielle said...

nice! i decided to stop drinking soda. eek! but, there's no way it's good for me, right?

Stepheni said...

I had a great time the other night! Thank you for hosting it. I am sad though, I had planned on making a toast to "good friends and good times." You Patsey's mean the world to us Masons!!