Sunday, January 11, 2009

A little game of "I"

I am: blessed
I think: I have the best husband ever!
I know: I should be in bed now
I want: to have another baby
I dislike: cleaning toilets!
I miss: those late nights when I didn't have a care in the world
I fear: of gaining too much weight
I hear: the dryer
I smell: of clorox wipes
I crave: a Safeway sugar cookie
I cry: when I watch The Biggest Loser
I search: for ways to organize
I wonder: when I'll get to bed
I regret: selling my good gas mileage car
I love: my family
I care: for applejacks a great deal (anyone get this?)
I always: put off folding laundry
I worry: about Derek while he's not with me
I am not: in the shape I'd like to be
I remember: when I was 4 moving into a new house and being mad that Danielle got to have her birthday party in the new house... I was mad
I believe: that Jesus is my saviour
I dance: often and sometimes Owen joins in
I sing: a lot of kid songs to Owen
I don't always: eat right
I argue: for the sake of arguing
I write: checks
I win: wii sports
I lose: hair all the time...
I wish: that no one would have financial problems
I listen: when I need to
I try: to keep Owen busy
I don't understand: why people can't just drive right
I can usually be found: at the gym, at home or working at a WW meeting
I am scared: of most natural disasters
I forget: A LOT!
I am happy: when I have had my "me" time at the gym and we come home and Owen sleeps for a couple hours for more "me" time...

** Now, it's up to you... fill it out if you want!

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