Friday, December 12, 2008

To Tell or Not to Tell...

I saw this on a blog (yes, I frequently view people's blogs whom I've never met haha!) Anyways, it looked fun! These are some things that I may or may not have done this week...

*I didn't let my son watch 2 hours of cartoons while in his jammies and a dirty diaper so I could nerd out on the computer... I didn't!

*I didn't make a dozen sugar cookies, frost them and eat them all... nope!

*I wouldn't ever watch a kids movie while my son was sleeping... that's just not nice!

*I did not eat 4 cookies while watching the Biggest Loser and thinking "Gosh I wish I could lose weight like that" that's just stupid.

*I've never pulled clothes out of the dirty clothes basket to have my son wear because I was behind on laundry... no way!

Can you figure out which I've done or not? haha and try it yourself it's pretty fun really!


Stepheni said...

You so ate the cookies while watching The Biggest Loser!! :) Something I find myself doing occasionally!

Michelle said...

I sure did! And I'm kicking myself for doing so grrr!