Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Owen was watching a movie in his play room and got an owie... he came out fussing, grabbed his blankie and wanted me to hold him. I had the laptop in my lap and I thought he was going to my right side so I moved the laptop left... he was going left and I whacked him in the head hard. He instantly started screaming and I picked him up, he sank into my lap and I started crying with him... I looked at him and he had quite the bump on his forehead right between his eyes. I grabbed the new boo-boo ice pack that Grammy got for him and we put it on his big owie... he's doing better, but check out this bump!

It's hard to see, he wouldn't cooperate for me and look at the camera
His face looks so pathetic... gosh I feel so bad!
that ice pack was given to him in the nick of time!

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Josh and Danielle said...

way to beat your kid michelle! poor guy, he's so stinking precious!