Friday, December 19, 2008

Who doesn't love snow?!

ME!!!! That's right, I hate snow... I think it's pretty and all, but I can't stand the cold! Plus, I spend time getting all bundled up to stand there and freeze, or if I exert and kind of energy I sweat like crazy... not my kind of fun really!

We left for the YMCA around 1pm yesterday and came home at 3 to at least an inch of snow! Owen wanted to play in it, so being a mom who will do just about anything for cute photos, I bundled us both up and went outside...

He had a lot of fun with his shovel in the snow...

I love this photo... a complete accident, but those are the best!!

Our house all cute and snowy

More shoveling...

Daddy got the sled out and I was sure that he'd hate it... but he really enjoyed himself!

I went in after this... it was just too cold! Derek took him to the neighbors house where their 6 year old girl was riding her pink quad and Owen got to ride on it with her... I'm kinda bummed I went in and didn't get photos of that, but it's ok I guess. He of course threw a huge fit when he came inside... his cheeks were so red and his nose looked like a faucet, it really was time to come in... hopefully Derek will take him out again today since I'd rather be warm in the house haha!

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Stepheni said...

Brandon loved it as well!! I like you got some pictures and then came in side! By the time he came in his face was so bright red! A great excuse for some hot co-co!!

I miss you and thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog