Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm addicted!

Seriously... We were at our friend's Tracy and Brad's house last night for Brad's 30th birthday party and he got this the night before. I was hesitant to play because I'd only played Guitar Hero. I usually play alone or with Derek, so the embarrassment stays to a minimum. I watched people play and Derek stepped up on the drums and didn't do so good... which surprises me because he's good at EVERYTHING! I decided to take my chances on the guitar. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at the guitar. I rocked it! I was having so much fun playing and playing, then someone said "hey Michelle play drums!" there was no way I was gonna play the drums and fail and have everyone blame me for being boo-ed of the stage! Somehow I got on the drums and was so stressed out, why? I'm not really's just a video game! Anyways, I started playing and rocked on that song too! And then the rest of the night I was drummin' and strummin'away haha! Derek and I decided we need to purchase this game with our tax return cause it's too much fun! Then we both can try singing cause there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to sing in front of people I didn't know... Anyways, we had fun and now I just want to go buy it!


Josh and Danielle said...

invite us over for a game night! that'd be so much fun!

Keren said...

We bought ours with our tax return too! We havent stopped playing ever since! haha, its much better than the original!
We'll have to get together and start a band!