Sunday, February 15, 2009

The way to my heart...

Derek came home from work on Friday night and brought home pizza for dinner. I was really excited cause it's been a while since we've had pizza! We got the oven started and he decided to take a quick shower before dinner. I started taking the pizza's out of their wrap when I realized the pepperoni pizza looked a bit odd... it was shaped like a heart!!! haha! I ran upstairs and asked him if he realized the pizza was a heart and he said "Duh... that's why I got it. Happy Valentine's day!" I was pretty surprised really cause we don't usually celebrate Valentine's day and even though it was the day before it was great! He sure knows the way to my heart... pizza!!!

On Valentine's day we had our friends over for a "non-valentine's" game night. We didn't end up playing any games, but we had great taco's and my yummy chocolate white chocolate chip cookies! I hope everyone had a great time this weekend!

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Stepheni said...

I love the blog update... It is so perfectly suited towards you!!