Friday, February 27, 2009

Tagged by my sister...

Ok, here goes it's all about the CRAZY 8's!

~8 favorite tv shows~
Sex and the City
Biggest Loser
Real World
Rock of Love (1,2 & 3)
Celebrity Rehab (also Sober House)

~8 things I did yesterday~
walked to the post office and library
washed clothes
folded clothes
cleaned my bathroom
cleaned out Owen's closet and drawers
put bigger sizes in his closet and drawers
watched tv
played with Owen

~8 things I look forward to~
Hopefully having another baby this year
my bagel and rockstar later today
a vacation!
Owen potty training
getting our tax return
getting a new car
Derek getting a new job (hopefully!)
Date night tonight!

~8 favorite restaurants~
The Rock
Los Pinos
The Olive Garden
Red Robin
Herfy's (not much of a restaurant, but it's so good!)

~8 things on my wishlist~
a great job for Derek
Owen to grow up to be a Godly man
Mom to not have to work
more nieces and nephews
family peace
no money troubles
to not gain more than 30 pounds next pregnancy haha!
a laundry service

~People I tag~

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