Saturday, February 12, 2011


Every morning, Owen wakes up and walks into our room and climbs into our bed (always about 7-8am). This morning, he climbed up and laid on top of me for a while and just cuddled me. Those of you who know my son, know that he's NOT a cuddler! He would do anything to not snuggle up and get cozy... such a weirdo! I loved this cuddle time this morning (even if it was short). He saw a hair color commercial and said to me, "Mom, don't do that. Don't make your hair different. I won't like it"... so I reassured him that I wasn't going to change my hair. It was so sweet. He's loving that I'm growing my hair out. When he was bout a year and a half, I chopped my hair off. I kept it short for about a year and it's taken a while to get it to grow out (that super cute inverted bob style is a pesky grow out!) I am loving my little man becoming a mommy's boy... never thought it'd happen!

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