Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hot deal!

After I worked out today, I hopped on over to my local WalMart. I had to grab just a couple things... I was caught off track by the 50% off Valentine's stuff. I peeked around the crowd of people and found 2 things I just couldn't live without...

Cupcake stand for $2.50! BOOM!

and a box of Fun Dip's for about $2!

Derek and I had been talking about Fun Dip for the last few days and I was stoked to find these!
Although I don't have a use for the cupcake stand right now, I have a feeling I will be hosting a lot more parties and will need this baby!


Lindsey said...

I almost bought the cupcake stand also but the one in Bonney Lake had all red ones and they where all tangled up together in the basket. It was such a good deal.

Josh and Danielle said...

hurray for fun dip!!!

Nicole said...

Love fun dip! I hot up Target a few days after Vantine's day and got a wreath for $5, dishtowles for $.99, a rug for $3, plates for $.54, cute snuggly blankets for the girls next year for $2.74. Love good deals adding to my holida decorations! :)

Your cupcake stand is adorable!