Friday, February 25, 2011

Product Love

Mane 'n Tail shampoo & conditioner. I'm in love with it! Not only does it leave my hair feeling silky smooth and clean, I've gotten rid of this ridiculous dandruff problem I've had since Owen was born! I've tried every shampoo you can think of, and nothing, not even extra strength T-Gel, which is made for dandruff problems would help. I recently purchased some Paul Mitchel Awapuhi shampoo and conditioner (for $25 through my hairstylist friend) and I loved it until it gave me some gnarly flakes, not something I want to walk around with. Sally Beauty Supply had the Mane n' Tail on sale, buy one get one free. So, for a whopping $7 I got some amazing shampoo!


Josh and Danielle said...

Lana swears by it! good to know that if i get hit with a dandruff problem after the baby's born i know exactly what to run to!

Alyssa! said...

oh nice! I started using Bed Head & for now my dandruff is gone! If it comes sneaking back up on me, I will have to pick some of this up!

Nicole said...

My sister and mom used to use this...I completely forgot about it. The weather right now is making my scalp freak out...may be going to buy some soon!