Thursday, February 24, 2011


I saw this on a craft blog that I frequent... she had wrapped her candles with a green ribbon for St. Patrick's Day, and I thought I could wrap some old candles I had with some ribbon to match my house. Here's how they turned out!

here's how to do it!

you will need the obvious ribbon (any color, any size), candles, scissors, and a stapler.
(the blog I read had used push pins... cute idea, but I figured the staples since they're shorter would be easier)

Wrap the ribbon around the candle and cut it at the appropriate length.

Now, take your stapler and open it up

Press the stapler on the ribbon like you're stapling something to the wall and there you have it!

I snagged my ribbon at The Dollar Tree. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep this ribbon on because it's a little "furry" for me... I might grab a different ribbon, but for the sake of the ol' blog I used what I had.


Josh and Danielle said...

they look great! i really like it!

Alyssa! said...

oOh i like it!