Saturday, February 19, 2011

tax return!

Oh, I love this time of year! We got our tax return yesterday and I've been waiting patiently for it! I went to Fleet Feet in Bonney Lake last night to snag a good pair of running shoes. I have put a few too many miles on my $40 Nike's for my poor legs. I had heard of how Fleet Feet fits your foot and analyzes your running style. I figured that since I'm becoming more serious about running, I'd better get the best kind of support I can. The sales girl measured my foot sitting down and standing up. I've always purchased a 9 in almost all my shoes, but she suggested a 9.5 which was weird! I guess with a running shoe you need more room by the toe for your foot to move. So, next she had me hop on the treadmill and run barefoot for about a minute. On the TV above the treadmill she showed me running... slowed it down and did all kinds of angles to show me how I was running. Apparently when I run, my ankles tend to drop down and my leg creates this weird shape. She got me into a great running shoe and I wanted to try them out this morning, but woke up to a gnarly cold. So, looks like they'll have to wait a few days :(

On, another tax return note... I am known for purchasing things for my house during this time. Derek will spend his half on toys for his garage, parts for his jeep or anything else that I usually don't enjoy. It's just what most of us women do... So, I have been eying this chair that Target has had in stock off and on. Last week they didn't have any in stock, and this week they do! So, I bought this bad boy for $129.99 with free shipping! If I were savvy and crafty like my good friend at You Paid More Than Me, then I would've found something like it on craigslist an reupholstered it ;]