Wednesday, September 3, 2008

God will provide!

Derek and I are saving for the first month/last month and deposit at the new place and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. I know that this place is perfect for us and it was basically put in our laps for a reason. We're doing whatever we can to save up as much as possible. I am selling things on craigslist and Derek is doing extra work as much as possible. Also, Derek has been taking my car to work to save on gas and I've been staying at home all day.

The numbers I come up with are just not what we need... I'm praying hard and keeping faith knowing that God will provide! This is a definate test for me especially when it comes to money! I have a hard time giving up control, but I know that's why I'm being tested. It's a huge learning experience and my faith in the Lord is growing!


Jessica Morrish said...

Keep the faith Michelle! I had some really tough times in college and every time I trusted God, He came through for me. I really admire your faithfulness and I know God will reward you for it!

Michelle said...

Thank you Jess! I love hearing how others have experienced what I'm going through! ;]