Friday, September 26, 2008

A night of good laughs

Derek has been swearing to me that Aaron Carter back in the day sang a country song. I knew he was wrong and we kept having little arguments about it. I was frustrated cause I knew who he was talking about, but couldn't remember the name of the kid or the darn song! So, tonight he brought it up once again... and the same argument started haha! I finally got onto itunes and looked up Aaron Carter. There was no country song on his list, so I did a little search on Yahoo. No country song on there either. At this time I was feeling frustrated cause I just wanted to know who sang the song and prove Derek wrong!(that's the Taurus in me ;]) I ended up typing in "young country singer" in a search and up popped "One Voice by Billy Gilman" and I knew that was the one! I blurted it out and Derek said "that's right! Billy Gilman!" he wasn't too happy that I was right and he was wrong, but I laughed pretty hard at the fact he thought it was Aaron Carter hehe! (still chuckling about it!)

And being the Myspace lady I am, I thought it'd be fun to look him up on there and see what he's up to. He has a myspace and we got onto it and checked out the new songs and then blared "One Voice". It was hysterical!!! I can't believe that song was ever a hit! Then I got to looking at his page and low and behold he's got a Holiday greeting comment from Jolly Saint Nick! That was so funny! I couldn't even tell Derek what the comment said cause I was laughing SO hard! We went onto Jolly Saint Nick's page and it's pretty funny too... maybe it was all the cleaning fumes or packing I've been doing to make me a little delirious, but it's been a funny evening!!! [:

It may not be as funny on here as the actual event, but I had to tell the story ;]

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alyssa! said...

Before you even said it was Billy Gillman, I totally knew it was him just from the description.
But I have a funny story about him too. When I was at Nationals for DECA in April, he totally performed at our opening session. My teacher was like, I bet Billy Gillman is going to be here, and I just laughed because I couldn't believe that he actually knew who he was. But I guess he has been at the National competition for like 5 years because he's a supporter of some foundation for some disease. haha, that sounded so not smart. But anyways, Only one other girl that I was with remembered who he was, and I literally was just laughing the whole time because he put on a mini concert. It was soo hilarious.