Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I saw this on someone's blog...

100 things about ME!
(I saw this one a blog that I was reading and thought it'd be fun!)

1. i love to watch Reality TV... it's pretty sad really... I DVR up to 10 shows a week and watch them while Owen takes a nap.
2. my first word was "Katie", my cousin's name.
3. i am still amazed that i live in this house... it's everything I've wanted and so much more!
4. i sometimes look at Derek and think to myself "how could i have hated him?!"
5. oh, when i met derek i did not like him AT ALL!
6. i only let owen watch kid shows that don't annoy the heck out of me
7. when i get mad i tend to swear... i hate this about me
8. i have an obsession with heels... especially a peep toed stilleto (it's bad!)
9. i'm often envious of girls who have perfect make up and hair
10. i'm also envious of girls who have awesome bodies after babies without doing anything...
11. i love going to the gym
12. i love eating things that are "bad" for me (these last two don't go together really haha!)
13. i wish i had a better diet
14. i want another baby, but don't want to be pregnant again
15. a clean house to me is the most amazing thing
16. i do at least 2 loads of laundry per day... i'm scared about how much this will increase when we add another person to our family.
17. i WILL have a boob job and a tummy tuck after kids
18. i despise taking baths... i feel like i'm soaking in my own dirt YUCK!
19. i sweep my floor everyday
20. as a kid i would spend hours outside making up a 15 minute song and go sing it for my mom
21. i was a tomboy, but loved to dress up... still am really
22. i've always been a take charge kind of person.
23. i love to build things and use tools
24. derek and i were ridiculed for getting married while i was pregnant. they said we were doing it just because of owen... not because we were in love.
25. derek wants more kids than me and has wanted another for a long time now
26. i wish i was a great seamstress like my mother-in-law, she can sew just about anything!
27. when i was little i wanted to be in a beauty pageant... now i'm so thankful my mom always said no
28. owen weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces when he was born
29. the next baby i am going to try for a VBAC
30. i have ocd, and have to have things in order and done "my way"
31. my friendships mean everything to me
32. i feel so fortunate that derek and i get along so well... we have the occasional fight, but it's usually a little spat
33. i feel that owen is a direct reflection of me, therefore i try to keep him in clean clothes, tidy hair, clean face and to teach him to be polite and a nice boy
34. i fear that owen will be picked on when he's older because he's such a nice kid
35. owen was rolling around the house at 4 months
36. at 6 months he was crawling
37. at 7 months he was "cruising"
38. at 8 1/2 months he was walking... he has never done anything "on-time" but ahead of schedule.
39. i don't like "chick flicks"... give me a good comedy where i can laugh histerically and i'm good.
40. i love water... it's my drink of choice
41. i think that my house looks like a kid decorated it...
42. i love moose... they're just so cute to me
43. derek never officially proposed to me... not until we were married and owen was a few months old. he woke me up with a dozen roses after working late and said "will you marry me?"... i was happy with that ;]
44. i only went to one high school dance and had a horrible time.
45. i feel like a "blog-stalker"... i read people's blogs whom i've never met on a daily basis
46. i love getting blog comments
47. i'm sure that there isn't anyone besides my mom and sister who read this blog on a regular basis
48. i used to have a lot of guy friends and only a select few girl friends... the oposite is true now that i'm a married mom
49. i love being a mom
50. i love being married to derek
51. when owen was born, i heard his cry and started crying... derek looked at me and said "he's ok sweetie" i laughed and said "i know, i'm just happy" it was so cute!
52. i used to hate my smile and wouldn't in pictures... i'd make a funny face instead
53. i miss shopping for weekends out
54. i don't miss going out all the time on weekends
55. i love to dance
56. i love my couches, but hate that they're microfiber.... it shows every little stain
57. the most i've ever spent on a pair of jeans is $60... i can't bring myself to spend more than that.
58. my goal is to become a personal trainer
59. i am not a book reader and i wish i was
60. i'm not a knick-knacky person... i hate clutter and things that need to be dusted
61. i hate folding laundry... right now i have 4 loads of laundry that need to be folded
62. when i'm tired i often veg in front of the computer looking at a whole lot of nothing
63. derek and i have moved 4 times in less than 2 years.
64. sex and the city is my favortie show... i can watch all 6 seasons from beginning to end at anytime
65. i hope that when we get pregnant, we have a girl... just so derek can have the "daddy's little girl" he's always wanted
66. if derek is gone when i go to bed and due to be home, i wake up every so often until he climbs into bed.
67. we lived on lake tanwax for 6 months during the winter...
68. i had a planned c-section. i was afraid of giving birth to my over 9 pound baby and opted out
69. my favorite colors are black, red and white... these were the colors of my wedding, and a lot of the colors in my home.
70. owen has the cutest little voice i've ever heard
71. i can't wait for christmas this year...
72. since derek and i have been married we've never had a christmas tree... we will this year!
73. i always find creative ideas online, but never follow through with them.
74. i'm always afraid that my house smells... so i keep air fresheners full and candles going if people are coming over
75. i love to cook, but i'm a very picky eater so I don't cook much
76. my first kiss took place on 1-1-00
77. derek and i got married on the last day of summer
78. my view of what kind of wife I would be and what kind of wife I am are two totally different things
79. i'm afraid i'll gain weight and get fat with the next pregnancy
80. we named owen after derek's good friend adam owen bearer
81. owen wasn't a popular name when we picked it... it's everywhere now
82. i told derek i was pregnant over the phone, while he was broke down on the side of the road... i wanted to do it in person...
83. i prefer beer over most any other alcoholic beverage
84. if i had a lot of money i'd give as much as possible
85. i hate the smell of hospitals
86. i like to prove to derek that i am physically strong
87. i love living in orting... owen and i take walks to the store, post office and library a few times a week
88. i talk to my mom at least once a day... if something significant in my life happens she's second on my list to call after derek
89. i have a bagel with cream cheese and a sugar free rockstar every day
90. i have a routine that i hate to break out of
91. i've always wanted hair that isn't as thick as mine... i've broken many hair ties in my day
92. if i find something that can make my life easier i'm all over it... my time is worth something
93. in the last year i've lost 30 pounds.
94. i'm so afraid of miscarrying
95. i dream of going on a vacation with derek... somewhere warm
96. i would love to renew my vows to derek maybe on our 10 year anniversary... i think that is so romantic
97. i'm really not a romantic in anyway haha!
98. my mom walked me down th aisle... my dad wasn't consistently in my life after the age of 9 and i felt she was the only person who had the right to give me away.
99. my hair was naturally straight until my senior year (or at least that's when i figured out it was curly)... now it's just nasty after having a baby
100. i love getting flowers


Stepheni said...

For the record... I DO follow your blog!;)

Jessica Morrish said...

I just wanted to let you know I do read your blog too! Especially if I'm up late at night with a sick little boy.

Kristy said...

Im reading you blog and I dont know even know:P By the way Im Stephs cousin