Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 pounds!

I lost 2 pounds today at Weight Watchers! I can't believe that I lost that much... I was hoping for at least .4 and when I stepped on and pulled a whole 2 pounds I was shocked! Delighted though, because that put me over my 25 pound mark. I have lost now 26.6 pounds. It has taken me 26 weeks to do that... gosh that sounds like a long time! But, hopefully because I've taken it off slowly it'll stay off. The gal taking my weight started asking me where my goal weight was... I was kinda taken aback because I hadn't realized I was getting close to my goal weight. 160 pounds is the top of the range for my height and I'm 161.2 now. I want to lose another 10 pounds or so and hopefully become a lifetime member! Gosh that'd be nice to not have to pay for Weight Watchers anymore lol!

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Keren said...

Great Job Michelle!! I lifetime member??? thats an accomplishment in itself!! :) You've officially inspired me to get off my butt when the babys born and loose that weight!! You go girl!!