Thursday, May 15, 2008

24.6 and counting!


This week at Weight Watchers I lost 1.8 pounds! I was so happy cause for such a long time I had lost like .5 and then would gain a little, lose a little, gain a little... it got frustrating! I am trying my hardest and working out 5 times a week at least and watching what I'm eating. It's amazing to see how much I've changed in the last 6 months. I looked at pictures from my friend Christy's birthday party in October before I started Weight Watchers and I remember thinking I looked good that night... And then I looked at my birthday pictures again and thought "Dang I look good here... not there!" It's a good feeling!

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Jessica Morrish said...

Congratulations! I did Weight Watchers a few years ago (I guess it's been like 5 or 6, geez!)and I think it's a great program. I think since you eat real food you are more likely to keep it off. Anyway, I think you look great. You probably look even better than when I saw you last! :)