Thursday, May 1, 2008


So, I've been so blessed to be a stay at home mom for a good 10 out of the 18 months Owen has been here... I didn't work until he was 7 months and I got a part time job working evenings and weekends. After Derek starting getting paid for a prevailing wage job for a few months we agreed to have me stop working until that job was done. Well, without any warning (from Derek haha!) the prevailing wage job is done. So, now I'm frantically looking for a part time job! I'm trying to look at things light heartedly since money is super tight right now... but, I've put my application and resume to at least 10 different places and I've heard nothing. I'm going to be applying at Starbucks soon... hopefully that one pans out! My friend Amber works at one of the South Hill stores and loves it. The best part to me is the benefits for working at least 20 hours per week! Derek's job has an expensive health insurance policy and it'd be nice to take me off his and just pay for Owen. That'd save us money in the long run... I'm going to be praying for that one!

On a different note, tomorrow is my 26th birthday! I can't believe that I'm that close to 30... I remember when I was little thinking "I'll never graduate High School... it's just too far away!" haha! And here I am married, with a son and loving being in my "late 20's"! We're going to the Rock for my favorite pizza after everyone gets off work, then to my mom's for my favorite cake, Party Chip, with Butterfinger ice cream! YUM!!! After all that birthday fun, we're going to venture to the Diamond Lounge to dance it up for my birthday and my friends Dannielle and Wayne's birthdays too!

Well, I think I may start doing this "blog-thing" more often since I enjoy it ;] Gotta go though, Derek's almost home and I'm hungry!

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