Sunday, May 18, 2008

Westport... a long one!

Yesterday morning we packed up the car and headed to good old Westport! My sister Danielle, her boyfriend Josh, Derek, me and Owen all crammed in my car... it was a tight ride, but we made it work. We checked out the campsite out were we'll be camping next weekend... it looked promising lol! Small, but it's close to the bathrooms, the garbage and Westport. From there we decided to take Josh and Derek to see our family's cabin... Boy has it gone down hill! The roof and floor are all caved in, the lot is overgrown and there is a bunch of garbage in a pile. Derek is all excited about it though and wants to clean it up so we can camp there. I'm all about it, so we'll see if he's able to do it. Owen fell asleep right before we got to the cabin (go figure at the end of the ride!) so we left him in the car while we did the venturing. We went down the road to the beach and woke Owen up so he could experience it all! He loved it! Wasn't too sure at first, but enjoyed himself.

We also hit up Westport which was our reason behind this whole trip and got to enjoy the little town. We hit up a few shops and got to see a 31 pound Halibut that was just caugh! That sucker was huge!!! We always have to go to the Whalers Mall and grab a Whale of a Cone while we're in Westport and Owen got to have his first ice cream cone! haha! It was cute!

There is also a store that has been around forever and has been owned by so many different people, but has always had the same bear outside. When Danielle was about Owen's age my mom wanted her to take a picture with it and she was SO scared of it and kept saying "bear awake!", but mom took the picture. It has become a cheesy tradition of ours to get our picture taken at "bear awake" every time we go to Westport... so Owen got his picture taken! I wanted him to stand up under him and Owen refused... so I'm in the picture too...

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