Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Happy Mothers Day::

Today was my 2nd Mothers Day... should've been lots of fun, right!? WRONG! I was hosting a baby shower for my best friend Amy on Saturday, when my mom called to tell me that Owen had thrown up all over himself on the way home from a birthday party... she told me that he was ok and to not worry. After the shower she called again... this time Owen had a bad diaper and was doing worse. So I headed out without helping Amy put the house back, boy did I feel bad that I didn't help out! Thank God she understood! Anyways, I got to my moms to find Owen just miserable in a diaper shivering... I felt horrid for him! I was trying to find some jammies to put him in when he threw up again! So, I wiped him down and packed him in the car to go home... the kid threw up in the car too! He proceeded to upchuck a couple more times during the evening. He woke up a few times during the night too and was pretty fussy all night long. And this morning he woke up and was really clingy and whiny... so all day today I got to take care of him. Which isn't bad, but I was looking forward to a great day with family and friends. My mom did come over to keep me company on Mothers Day. Also, my sister Danielle came home from Vegas today and her and her boyfriend Josh came over on their way home from the airport. That made the evening not so bad.

Anyways, Owen's feeling better. He went outside and did a little adventuring around the yard before he went to bed. Hopefully he'll sleep great tonight and wake up rested and in a great mood tomorrow!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies!!!!

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stephijoe said...

So in a weird way this is kind of what "Mother's Day" is about. As mommas we do what we need to for our little guys. For me it was working while my family all ate the M's Day brunch at Shananigans and for you it was nurturing your sick baby. It is what we do to be great Moms, we make sacrifices and at the end of the day... We are ok with it! I think we both have had great Moms as role models!