Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back in the swing of things

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As some of you may know, I have been a workout-a-holic for the last 10 months. I started in January and haven't been able to get myself away from the gym. Well, when we decided to move into the new house we needed to save money and I put our YMCA membership on hold... this was super hard for me because it's something Owen and I do every day. We get up eat breakfast, get dressed and go to the Y. So, I thought our membership was still on hold until they took the next payment out... I was wrong! It was only for the month of September and I could've been going for the last 2 weeks grrr!!! Anyways, we went this morning and man it felt good! I've missed it so much... When we pulled into the parking lot Owen kept saying "Play, play!!!" He was so happy to be back too! I walked him to the day care and he ran inside! When I picked him up after my workout, he was having such a good time playing with a firetruck... I am so glad we get to start going again so he has that time to himself too. On our way home he kept telling me "Mommy, I play... I have fun!!!" it was so cute!!!!

It looks as if we'll be back in our old routine in no time and I'm so happy!!!!

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