Monday, October 27, 2008

Owen's big boy bed!

We got Owen a big boy bed thanks to my friend Lindsey and her parents. They got the bed from Lindsey's mom's work, the Old Cannery. They had it extra and knew that Owen would need it eventually... so here he is with his new big boy bed! I took a video of him seeing it for the first time because Derek wasn't home yet... it's pretty cute how much he loved it! We're so thankful for the Borg's for giving us this bed!!!

When it was time for bed, he was all about getting into his new "big bed" as he calls it... when I tucked him in he looked at me and said "bye!" haha!
After he went to bed I turned on his monitor to see how he was doing... I heard him talking and he said "oh, big boy bed... Owen's big boy bed..." it was so cute!!!! Well, he eventually overcame the excitement and I found him out like a light an hour after bedtime...

Now each time we go into his room he squeals "big bed!!!" and has to get on it! I'm so glad this has been such a fun and easy transition!

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