Monday, October 20, 2008

When will baby #2 come?!

This baby looks as about annoyed as I do when i get asked "When are you going to have another baby???" Here are some of the many comments I'd love to say (especially to strangers):
*Do I look like I need another?! (said as Owen is hanging from my pant leg shouting "MOMMY!!!!")
*Do I have to have more than one of these?! Sheesh! If I knew that I wouldn't have signed up for the first one!
*I think I'm done... I already have one perfect child ;)
*It's none of your damn business!!!!!
Now, don't get me wrong... Derek and I do want to have another baby. Although his desire to have another started when Owen was about 2 months old... mine has come and gone over the last year. We had decided to try for another last year around this time... I ended up deciding to put it off a few months so that I could lose a few pounds. Well, 1 year and 30 pounds later... I've continued to put it off.
I have so many fears of having another baby. I fear that I won't have enough time for myself, that I won't be able to care for Owen as well as I do now, and that my housework will be neglected and I'll live in a pig sty. My biggest fear though, is gaining weight and becoming fat again. I can't help but be scared to see that scale go up and up and up... it's something no woman really likes to see, but it's worse when you have no control over it. Also, I didn't enjoy pregnancy one bit and I don't want to spend another 10 months in misery...
Anyways, to answer many inquiring minds... we'll be hoping to have another baby around September-December 2009 (if we have no problems conceiving) I'm going to bite the bullet and give Owen a sibling and more importantly, Derek another baby. Stay tuned over the next few months...


Josh and Danielle said...

well, "auntie-josh" are excited for you to have another baby. somebody's got to! because we're gonna be a while!

Stepheni said...

Ha Ha! You know that I can literally hear your frustrations as I read this? I know how you are feeling 500%... It just seems to be so great now with just 1, to add to it seems almost complicated. But like you, it will just be a matter of biting the bullet for us.