Saturday, October 11, 2008

I was tagged!!!

I was tagged by my friend Keren to post 10 of Derek's favorite things... I'm hoping this goes smoothly and they won't be in exact order... Here goes!!!

10. Basketball! He loves to play and watch it... constantly! The only reason he has a YMCA membership is to play basketball lol! I go and work out while he plays a few games on the court.

9. Tabasco sauce. This kid will pour it on everything! I have to buy a Costco size bottle every couple months. Thanks to our friends Joe and Stepheni who bought him some for his birthday I won't have to for a little while ;]

8. Trees... cutting them down especially. I have never seen one person get so excited about wood ever! He actually called me the other day and was asking me if I noticed some tree on the side of the road... what?! Who really checks out the trees along the road haha!

7. Camping. I love to also, so it makes it fun! He always is so pumped to go and have a great time, building camp fires, hanging out and relaxing... he gets ready a few days in advance and I never have to do anything but pack some food and clothes.

6. Bon Fires. He loves to sit outside, even by himself and enjoy a nice fire.

5. People. He knows everyone and if he doesn't know them yet, he will! He's a definate people person and has a lot of compassion for even the worst of kinds.

4. His cell phone. Every night he falls asleep with it in his hand... he takes it EVERYWHERE! He even takes it to the bathroom! I had to increase our cell phone minutes because he talks so much!

3. Diet Coke. When I met him it surprised me how much he loved the stuff. He can drink a 12 pack within a day or so... I stopped buying it cause it's so not good for him!

2. Food. He has such an appreciation for food. Some will pick on him for this, but he appreciates it unlike otheres. His dad is a chef and Derek has always been exposed to great foods. He loves to cook and try so many different things... too bad I'm so darn picky!

1. His Family. Owen and I are the world to Derek. He may not express it perfectly to me, but I know we are. He will send me a text every morning at 7am when he knows we're awake to say "have a good day, I love you" I look forward to it each morning! Owen is blessed to have such a great dad. He and Derek have so much fun doing "guy stuff" and just hanging out. I know while I'm at work they enjoy every minute!

Ok, now for tagging others... I don't know who all reads this so I'll just name a few that I know read it ;]

Danielle Mealy
Brittany Harney
Alyssa Christensen
Hannah Eastwood

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