Friday, October 3, 2008

Broken computers suck!


Well, our computer is busted... not to the extent in the photo. It shuts off telling me there is some kind of error. It's old and was in need of being replaced, so now's the time to save. Thank God for my mom and her letting me veg out on her computer tonight as Owen watches Nemo! ;] I guess the move was just too much for my poor brittle computer.

We got all moved in and unpacked! I am not one to live amongst boxes, so I had it all done yesterday afternoon. Derek was shocked when he came home to a clean organized home with even some pictures on the wall! Also, I think the move has made Owen a little weird haha! He does this thing now where every time I tell him no he goes "nuts!". Daddy taught him that one! (thanks daddy!!!) Also, he was at the back door checking out the chickens next door (yes we have chickens next door to us now... gotta love Orting!) and he looked at me and said "come here mommy!" but he also motioned me over with his little hand... too cute!!! He loves the stairs and the fact that he has a play room. Last night while Daddy was still working he and I ran around the living room and dining area... I even did a cartwheel for him! (I can't believe my house is big enough for cartwheels haha!) Anyways, I may not be able to post photos for a little while cause my computer is gone... hopefully soon though!!!

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Brittany said...

Broken computers totally suck! I didn't know you had a blog, until Danielle sent me a message that she had one...anyway, I went to comment and there you were! Is it cool if I add you?