Monday, October 13, 2008

The new house!

I finally took some photos of the new house... Here they are!!!

Our cute house!

The living room

Owen's play room off of the living room

The dining room

My kitchen! (which I am totally in love with!)

The back yard

The downstairs bathroom

Master bedroom

Another view of the master... walk in closet and bathroom doors

Laundry and linen closets

built in desk upstairs

Owen's bathroom

The empty spare room

Owen's room

another view of Owen's room... I'm going to decorate when we get his big boy bed put up and I choose a bedding set for him.

Well, that's it! I hope you've enjoyed a virtual tour ;]


alyssa! said...

Oh my goodness it is soo nice! I'm soo jealous! Not that I don't love my house but I'm so excited to be all grown up with a real house! I love it, we'll have to come over & check it out for real!

Katie said...

kai'm so irritated! i can't see any of your freaking stuff! all i see is the big peach screen :/ it's not like it's not loading either, like my thing says 'done'. so... none of your posts are showing up anymore :( so i'm irritated.