Monday, October 27, 2008

Can I brag about my husband?

I am so thankful for Derek everyday, but the last few days he's just been amazing me! Yesterday I was telling him how badly I wanted Taco Bell for lunch... the next thing I know his dad shows up with lunch for me from Taco Bell!!! Derek called up his dad who lives just a few minutes from my work (we're a good 20 away) and asked him to pick me up lunch... it was amazing! Last night I was planning on making tortellini's for dinner and he decided to get Papa Murphy's pizza's so I didn't have to cook after being at work all day long... mind you he spent the majority of the day chopping wood (a hard job really!) And he told me that he'd wake up with Owen this morning so I could sleep in... that felt so good to just sleep in! When I woke up this morning I came downstairs to see Owen watching Tigger & Pooh, he had already eaten and Derek was just starting the dishwasher! I hadn't touched the dishes since Friday night and there was a pile forming in the sink... I was so thankful that he did them for me! PLUS he took out the recycles too! I feel kinda spoiled this morning! Anyways, I had to brag about my awesome husband and how great he is... I really appreciate the little things he does.

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Stepheni said...

Ahh, I love the little things that a guy can do to make his lady feel special!

Good job Derek! Can you come do my recycling for me? I have a ton cardboard to break down! ;)