Saturday, November 15, 2008

Date night

It's been a while since Derek and I have had our usual date night and we finally made it a point to schedule some fun for us last night. We took Owen to my mom's house as we usually do on Friday nights and then ventured into Auburn to find a new restaurant to try. We ended up at BB Magraw's... that place is great! We had awesome food, drinks and a huge tv to watch the Denver/Boston game last night! I ended up getting a hold of my good friend Wayne to see what he and his girl were up to and they were gonna go ice skating... well when Derek hear this his ears perked up, wanted the bill and wanted to jet home to grab his skates and head up there haha! So, we did... man oh man that was so much fun! Derek took a few pictures of me skating from his phone... I'm not exactly the most coordinated person and I couldn't even look to the side or behind me when I was skating or I would've taken pictures of him too... afterwards we headed over to Wayne's house and just had an awesome time talking til almost 2am! I was exhausted and I'm kinda paying for it this morning, but it was worth it! Here are 2 shots Derek got of me skating (remember they're cell phone photos, so they aren't the best!)


Stepheni said...

How Fun! Where was this?

Michelle said...

at Sprinker in parkland... so much fun!!!! We're gonna take owen soon