Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a rough morning for both of us

I woke up this morning when Owen did at 7... although I had a pounding headache and kinda felt sick. I grabbed my pillow and blanket, got Owen out of bed and went downstairs. I curled up on the couch while Owen watched tv and played with his new toys... I'm so thankful that he's at an age where I can doze on the couch for 2 hours and I know he's going to be just fine. Well, I was awake and on the computer when he grabbed his blankie and put it over his head (which he often does) and somehow he fell and hit his cheek on the hardwood floors... he cried and cried and cried. The only thing that could make him feel better was the movie Cars which he calls "race car"... so I thought I'd take a snapshot of his owie...

See the red mark on his cheek?

He took notice that I had the camera and cheesed it up!

Hopefully this isn't a preview to how our whole day will be haha!

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